Open-source software for massively parallel quantum chemistry calculations

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Scalable Molecular Analysis Solver for High-performance computing systems (SMASH) is open-source software for massively parallel quantum chemistry calculations written in the Fortran 90/95 language with MPI and OpenMP. Hartree-Fock and Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations can be performed on 100,000 CPU cores of K Computer with high parallel efficiency.

What's New?

April 22, 2017
SMASH-2.2.0 released.
* Supported h and i basis functions (except for ECP calculations).
September 5, 2016
SMASH-2.1.0 released.
* Fixed an issue where 7f and 9g (spherical harmonics) integral values are incorrect.
* Changed to write a checkpoint file at each geometry optimization cycle.
July 4, 2016
SMASH-2.0.0 released.
* Added closed-shell MP2 energy gradient and geometry optimization calculations.
* Changed B3LYP parameters from VWN5 to VWN3. (job method=B3LYP for VWN3, job method B3LYP5 for VWN5)
* Added an keyword to control computational precision such as cutoffs and the number of grid points for DFT. (control precision=high, medium (default), low)
* Changed default cutoff values. e.g.) Cutint2 is changed from 1.0D-12 to 1.0D-11.
* Added a quadratically convergent SCF method.
* Supported dummy atoms ("X") for point charges and ghost atoms ("Bq" to "Bq9") for BSSE calculations.
* Increased sample input and output files.
* Changed the order of d, f, g functions in MO coefficients. e.g.) dxx,yy,zz,xy,xz,yz => dxx,xy,xz,yy,yz,zz
* Fixed an issue where open-shell DFT calculations stop with some compilers.
January 3, 2015
SMASH-1.1.0 released.
* Fixed an issue where the d basis functions of Sn LanL2DZ are not included.
* Fixed an issue where torsions of the redundant coordinate system are not taken into account in the case of small molecules such as NH3 and CH4.
* Improved the performance of Hartree-Fock and DFT calculations by about 5%.
* Added the Makefile.mpiifort file to use Intel MPI Library (mpiifort) with the -i8 (8-byte integer) option.
September 3, 2014
SMASH-1.0.1 released.
* Fixed an issue where geometry optimization calculations do not work using OpenMP.
September 1, 2014
SMASH-1.0 released.




User and programmer manuals are included in the smash/doc/ directory.
Japanese manual :

Sample files

Sample input and output files are included in the smash/example/ directory.


Apache License 2.0


Kazuya Ishimura (Institute for Molecular Science)

Support or Contact

Having trouble with SMASH? Check out the documentation at the smash/doc/ directory or or contact and I’ll help you sort it out.